奈樂樂 (Nalok·Lok)
本名關偉樂,香港多媒體設計師,亦從事插畫及故事創作。 奈落是指地獄。如何在看似地獄的人世中找尋樂趣,就是這個筆名 - 奈樂樂 的意義。
Nalok·Lok, multimedia designer and artist in Hong Kong. The meaning of the name is "to find happiness in the world like hell".

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Am I the Strongest? (Picture Book)

What is the strongest? Is it the lion’s might who secures victory in all battles? Or, is it the tiger’s bravery and fierce? No, they are not. It turned out to be…

To keep the throne of the “King of Beasts,” Mr Lion often received challenges from other animals. When he was injured, the lion’s wife would take care of him carefully. However, their neighbour, Mrs Sheep, was concerned about Mrs Lion. She openly criticized Mr Lion for being selfish and inconsiderate, he totally ignored the worrying and feeling of his wife. Mrs Sheep wanted the public to impose pressure on Mr Lion and stop him from further fighting.

Since then, Mr Lion felt that all other animals were pointing behind him. Their contemptuous eyes made him even more frustrated and timid. Then the lion competed with the tiger. He was distracted by his timidity and finally was beaten down by the tiger. Even worse he lost one eye during the fighting. Mrs Lion did not only spend time and effort to heal him but also hunt for food. She was more worried and tired than before…


奈樂樂 Nalok·Lok


Picture Book